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The New Year has rung and there’s already so much to talk about in the entertainment industry. Here’s my roundup:

  • R.I.P Jett Travolta. It’s tragic death, but we can just hope he’s in a better place where he doesn’t have to suffer.
  • For those who don’t know, I’m in love with Stephenie Meyer’s book series of Twilight. Since the first movie was a big hit, the second – New Moon should be, too. But forreals, Vanessa Hudgens playing Leah Clearwater? I don’t know about that. At least Taylor Launter is officially still going to be Jacob. Yay!
  • Goodbye, MacWorld. New changes for Mac users! BTW, I heard the keynote sucked – even if Steve Jobs himself were to speak. Thoughts for those who watched?
  • Rumors are floating around that Rihanna and Chris Brown are engaged! But are they really?
  • MaR_advice: If you have any more entertainment news/gossip to share, please do. Have a lovely, Thursday and friends don’t let friends drive drunk.


Taylor Launter, I can’t wait until you’re 18.

(img frm imstars)



  • RIP Scott Ruffalo. Our hearts go out to you and your family! (img from inquistr)
  • Bobby Brown’s book, “The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But…” came out yesterday. Of course he dishes about his marriage with Whitney. I see some drama ah brewin’.
  • Grey’s Anatomy star, T.R. Knight wants to leave the show! According to In Touch, he requested a release of his contract and ABC is not hesitating to give him what he wants. Is T.R. being a divo?
  • It’s been almost three weeks since the release of the movie Twilight and we all know Summit is gearing up for the sequel, New Moon. Who else wouldn’t be excited about this news!?!?! I mean, they got more money for the sequel, they’re hiring another producer (Hardwicke stepped down) and fans are excited to see more of Jacob, but Summit doesn’t think Taylor Launter is the one. Um…more drama say wah?
    MaR_advice: As always, think before you speak and think before you act. You can end up spilling your guts about your life and later regret it, stir up drama, or even hurt a loved one.

Just for you..and the picture is for me =)


The Hills infamous love -or- hate ’em couple, Heidi and Spencer, tied the knot this past weekend in sunny Mexico. I guess Spencer thought he wasn’t in the media enough…seriously – does Heidi NOT watch The Hills?!

Janet Jackson preggars!? It’s been a long time coming for her and JD. Congrats!

 Are you prepared to watch one of the biggest boxing matches in history this Saturday!? Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao = exciting fight!

Sorry girls, Rob Pattinson – star of Twilight – is not looking for a girlfriend! *sigh*…maybe he’s really waiting for Kristen to dump Michael? They are working together for the next Twilight series movies…hmmm

MaR_advice: The end of the year brings some craziness for celebrities. Why can’t we hear of them doing good deeds? If you have news about celebrities helping others, please send it over:

I was going to do a whole links list of entertainment news that I heard this week: i.e Rhianna being preggars by Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera getting caught kissing -supposedly a gay- guy, and Jennifer Aniston’s thoughts about Brangilina really hooking up while her and Brad were married. (Notice none of these are linked, so please turn to Perez or TMZ for the truth).

I wanted to talk about all of these but I just realized that my favorite book saga, Twilight, is premiering their movie in seven days!

In addition to all the promotion for this movie, the cast of Twilight will be at participating malls across the U.S. and guess who happens to work about 40 minutes from one of the malls?! ME!

Kristen Stewart (who plays the main character Bella) will be at Fair Oaks mall signing autographs (no pictures allowed…I know right, WTF?) at 5PM. The first 500 get autographs. I’m not going. I’ll just wait for the movie. =)

To bad it’s not Rob Pattinson….swoon!

MaR_advice: Remember your priorities before you ditch work to be mobbed by thousands of teeny boppers!

    MaR_advice: No advice today. Just enjoy the links and feel free to alert me of more entertainment news!

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    Happy Thursday!
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