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What? You haven’t heard of that movie before? That’s because it’s three movies into one. In a span of two weeks, I saw Notorious, Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans, and Slumdog Millionaire.

ALL OF THEM WERE FANTASTIC! Let me give you the breakdown review for each movie.

imageNotorious – “we are…we are…” I loved every aspect of this movie. Jamal Woolard was exceptional, as well as little Christopher Wallace, Jr. The movie is told in first person by ‘Biggie’. It really depicts how he grew and the type of life he lived prior to his fame up to his death. They even show footage from the day of his funeral and how his mother had him go through Brooklyn before the cemetery. You can hear Hypnotize in the background. It was just a great movie and I think all of the Bad Boy artists are portrayed to a dot – especially the man who played Diddy. He danced liked him, if you can call that dancing! (img from concreteloop)

image Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – My only gripe about watching this movie is that I’ve never seen the other two Underworlds. Since the Rise of the Lycans is a prequal, my friends assured me that I wasn’t missing much. As you all my know I love Twilight, but this movie was completely different in a great way – I think I just love vampires! The action scenes and the cinematography were off the charts! If you haven’t seen the other two Underworlds like me, this will make you want, too! (img from mimg.sulekha)

(img frm blognetnews)image

Slumdog Millionaire – I now know why it’s been deemed Oscar-worthy! This movie captured my heart with the storyline and characters. I loved how they showed aspects of a country that are normally not portrayed in regular movies (i.e. the actual slums of India). At the same time, the people who live in these slums – despite their hardships – portrayed a positive spirit like no other. I didn’t cry, but there were definitely parts of the movie that was just ‘wow’.

MaR_advice: If you’re not sure of which movie to watch, go see them all!


It’s been a while since I’ve updated, and last week was just really crazy with the inauguration!

I was on Perez Hilton today and found this clip:

MaR_advice: Just because Obama’s in office, don’t expect change to come with a snap of your fingers! Keep praying that he will deliver and provide America and the rest of the world a chance to get out of this economic slump. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this clip as much as I did!

Disclosure: This is completely a thought post and I’m not really serious about my allegations at all.

image In honor of the movie Notorious (in theaters today!), I decided I would share my hypothesis of who killed Biggie. (img frm offtheblockent)

I remember when he passed – it was crazy! I knew one girl who cried and everything. Christopher Wallace was a talented man who will forever be known as one of the best artists that rocked the hip hop nation.

I have to be honest, when I heard he died the first person that came to mind was Diddy (known then as Puff Daddy). Why?

Although Diddy might have helped Biggie with his stardom, we all know who the sidekick was – Diddy. Biggie was the man. He had it all, fame, fortune, and a family. It’s tragic that he died during the height of his career. Although he was gone, Diddy did carry that torch for Bad Boy Entertainment.

After Puffy’s rendition of I’ll Be Missing You, I couldn’t discredit the amount of attention he received. “…through your family I’ll fulfill your dreams…” That phrase alone made me think it was all a dream conspiracy. Faith Evans (Biggie’s wife) and Diddy were having an affair and that’s what he meant by through your family I’ll fulfill your dreams. Crazy conspiracy theory, huh?

Another tip off was all of a sudden, Diddy was everywhere! He was no longer under the shadow of Biggie, he ran Bad Boy Entertainment with a golden torch, and his Sean Jean clothing line really took off. Diddy created himself a personal brand and everyone knew him.

I don’t think he would have been as successful as he is now if Biggie were alive today. He would still be the wingman. He wouldn’t have multiple reality series shows on MTV or VH1, and no one would be saying, “Bitchassness,” (which I use often – when I drive!).

So that’s my conclusion, Diddy killed Biggie and covered it up. Now he’s so successful, no one will question him.

imageAhh. That’s probably not what happened!  Of course I don’t really think Diddy did it! On the real, it probably was Suge Knight. (img frm kindercore) He was the man behind Death Row Records and after Tupac accused Biggie of getting a hitman on him (the first time Tupac got shot), it was down hill from there. The rivalry between the West and East rappers was born! I believe that’s when I kept hearing, “Westside!”. Eh. (If you say “Eastside” it doesn’t sound as cool). Suge probably hired a hitman to get Biggie. 

This is all just speculation. We’ll never know who took the life of one of the best rappers ever. All we can do now is hope that Biggie is resting in peace. What do you think?

MaR_advice: Please share your thoughts with me. Who do you think killed Biggie and why? Also – what is your favorite Biggie song? Mine is Hypnotize. Have a save and wonderful weekend!

image I came to NoVA to attend college at George Mason University (Go Patriots!). After graduation, I decided to stay in the area to pursue my career of choice and just be in a location where there’s a lot of diversity, and more events to attend that you can’t find at home (I’m from VA Beach). Even though I’ve lived in this area for about six years, I always enjoy coming home and there are some events that I wish I couldn’t have known about or attended. (img frm cpdulles)

My friend, Ji, created a blog called VB2DC. The blog is “a one stop shop/site streamlining event promotional info, highlighting local talent, and facilitating a meeting of the minds to hopefully spark more collaboration, community, and cultural production” from Virginia Beach to Washington, D.C. image

The Internet allows us to be connected in ways we never imagined. We can connect to the web via cell phones, we engage in conversations with social networking platforms like blogs, Twitter or Facebook. With webcams, we can even see the people we love that are thousands of miles away via chat services like Skype of ooVoo. (img frm ultimatetaxi)

My point is: no matter where you go, home is at your fingertips via the Internet. Sometimes things in life can be really crazy and you feel like you don’t have time. VB2DC keeps me connected to the events at Va. Beach and D.C. It really is a one stop shop.

MaR_advice: There’s nothing wrong keeping yourself connected to your hometown. Use what the Internet has to offer. If you feel you’re not getting the best of both worlds (yes, Miley Cyrus rocks…hahah) then, create a social network or a community. If you need help, let me know!

The New Year has rung and there’s already so much to talk about in the entertainment industry. Here’s my roundup:

  • R.I.P Jett Travolta. It’s tragic death, but we can just hope he’s in a better place where he doesn’t have to suffer.
  • For those who don’t know, I’m in love with Stephenie Meyer’s book series of Twilight. Since the first movie was a big hit, the second – New Moon should be, too. But forreals, Vanessa Hudgens playing Leah Clearwater? I don’t know about that. At least Taylor Launter is officially still going to be Jacob. Yay!
  • Goodbye, MacWorld. New changes for Mac users! BTW, I heard the keynote sucked – even if Steve Jobs himself were to speak. Thoughts for those who watched?
  • Rumors are floating around that Rihanna and Chris Brown are engaged! But are they really?
  • MaR_advice: If you have any more entertainment news/gossip to share, please do. Have a lovely, Thursday and friends don’t let friends drive drunk.


Taylor Launter, I can’t wait until you’re 18.

(img frm imstars)

image During my vacation in South Carolina (I went to celebrate the New Year after my trip to Disney/Universal), my bf, siblings, and cousin and I went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I was a little adamant about watching the movie because I didn’t want to picture how Brad Pitt would look old. I know, crazy because he’ll eventually become old…but he’s still hot. (img from teamsugar)

I cried three times. I didn’t ball my eyes out, but I slickly hid my tears (I’m slick if Christian couldn’t even notice that I was crying or whipping my tears on my sleeve).

The concept and the story exemplified a timeless romance (get it?…hehe). It was just wonderful. Brad Pitt shows his comedic side and Cate Blanchett is just riveting with her dancing talents. The special effects were great and I hope they use the tools for New Moon.

As I often say, I can’t and don’t want to ruin the movie for others by diving too deep into the story, so just go and watch. It was worth the three hours – evenĀ  Biden’s couldn’t see it because the movie packs the theaters!

MaR_advice: This too is a great date movie. Guys – girls will definitely shed a tear sometime during the movie, it would be an excellent chance to be that “shoulder to cry on.” Wink wink, nudge nudge. Just helpin’ you out!

I received in an email from my friend, Jen, with some funny holiday pictures. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!






MaR_advice: The holiday season is meant bring laughter, so enjoy this year and always have a smile on your face.