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About one month ago, I declared to you that I plan to lose 25lbs before I’m 25. I think I owe you an update.

I haven’t been working out as much as I hoped I would. I mean, my trip to Disney/Universal had me walking or standing in line for at least 10+ hours in a span of 6 days. You would think I would have lost weight then, but then I celebrated New Years with my relatives in SC and that TOTALLY trumped my exercise. Filipino family parties are crazy and full of food. Nonstop eating and my aunties throwing alcoholic beverages at me left and right.

Those are not excuses and I should train myself to have some sort of tolerance and self-control. This past week was a little better. Thanks to my friends Kris and Quyen, I’ve taken up swimming. Swimming is a great full body workout (if you do laps in the pool). It’s only been one week, but my arms are still sore (I just learned how to swim freestyle – thanks Maureen).

I also took my first Zumba class on Saturday. Zumba rocks! My sister, Erin, and I loved the class so much we’ve signed up for their 8-class session. If you like to dance – this is one of the best workouts. It’s not that hard to follow and the choreography is fun. The moves are sexy and can probably be mimicked at a club! I HIGHLY recommend taking Zumba! Here’s an example of what you can expect in a Zumba class:

Now for real my update: I’m still the same weight as I was one month ago. No change and it doesn’t seem like my 25 before 25 will be achieved in by my bday- but maybe 15lbs. I stopped drinking alcohol and other beverages that aren’t water – except at the clubs. When my friends and I do go out clubbing, I drink diet coke mostly for the caffeine (I’m an old fart and I will probably fall asleep at like 11 w/o it). I’ve also been eating a lot of salad and soup, and have minimized fried/junk/fast food. I will also start doing my daily exercise videos again.

That’s my update. Thanks again for your support everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

MaR_advice: Sometimes you can find yourself off the course you intended. When that happens, pick yourself up and find a way for you to get back on that path. Remember, the only person that can push you or get you to find/stay on that course if yourself. Don’t lose hope.


I received in an email from my friend, Jen, with some funny holiday pictures. Here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!






MaR_advice: The holiday season is meant bring laughter, so enjoy this year and always have a smile on your face.

I got tagged last week from my friend, Jen to complete this meme:

“&this is what you do; once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness.”

Here goes…



I love Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Series. I’ve done a couple of posts on it and I’ve probably read each book at least 6X each. I can’t get enough of it and I probably talk about it like a crazed-obsessed teeny bopper and I don’t care.


One of my biggest pet peeves is eating on your bed. I don’t mind when people drink on their bed, but eating is different. You end up sleeping with your crumbs and possibly attracting little bugs to come spoon with you, too. EEEKS!


clip_image002[8]Whenever the light turns yellow and I don’t have time to slow down and stop, I kiss my right hand fingers and touch the ceiling of my car so that I don’t get caught by police – yes even if there isn’t police around. If I’ve caught the tail-end of the yellow light and I still pass it and it turns red, I kiss my right hand fingers again, but touch the dashboard.


I love music. I started playing the piano when I was four. My grandma taught me chopsticks and I took piano lessons for one year. I still play when I can and I miss it. CB got me a keyboard, but I have no room for it (my younger sister is using it). I just downloaded the Mini Piano app for my iPhone and play with that. Of course it’s only one octave, but it still suffices. I also played the cello for 6 years. I’m on the hunt for a purple cello – so if you see one, please let me know. I’d love to learn the cello part for Coldplay’s Viva La Vida. Gracias!


clip_image002[10]I don’t wear lipstick or any type of gloss. I’m not a big make-up person, but that’s not the main reason why I don’t wear anything on my lips but vasoline: I’m allergic to anything else but petroleum jelly. The last time I tried to wear lipstick, it dried up my lips and turned it bright red – not a great feeling. I stick to vasoline, it’s my best friend.


I need sound when I sleep. It doesn’t matter what it is, I just need sound. I prefer to sleep to CSI: Miami or Law and Order: SVU. I just set my timer for 90 minutes and fall into a deep slumber of bliss – or something like that.


Pet peeve #2: People licking their fingers and touching community food. Unless you’re eating wings, I don’t appreciate you licking your fingers and putting it back in the chip bag! You might as well open lick every chip or whatever piece of food you’re picking on!


imageI LOVE watching movies. I love action, drama and comedies. I’m not big on  scary movies – although I use to watch them often in middle/high school. I guess I became a pansy as I grew older? IDK? If there’s nothing to do, I’ll watch a movie. My favorites include Mean Girls, Ritchie Rich, She’s the Man. Guada?
(img from zedsdead)


Purple has been my favorite color for as long as I could remember. Don’t ask my why or what made me choose that color, but I can’t help it. Anything pretty and purple catches my eye.


I’m not calling myself a monkey, but I am the middle child of five. I have one older sister and brother and two younger sisters. I love my siblings a lot and I’ve very protective of them. Instead of meet the parents, it’s meet Mar. Ask my brother-in-law.

11 | SEVEN

My favorite number is seven. It’s my birthday (March 7) and I believe it’s lucky. Coincidentally, it’s also the number of years I’ve been with my BF. Seven years on Dec. 20th!


I love to dance in general. BUT whenever I have a little too much to drink, I can’t stop dancing. I hear an endless beat in my head  and my body just keeps moving.


image I love doing arts and crafts. I like to make things even though most of the time it doesn’t come out the way I thought it would, it’s all good. I made this card box for my friend Jen’s wedding. Her color was a dark midnight blue so I personalized the card box with blue fabric. If you want one for you, let me know!!


I sleep diagonally on my bed. It comforts me to know that no one else is on my bed, but me (of course this changes when Christian comes up). He sleeps diagonally, too!


I’m creating my bucket list. I know there’s some stuff I’ve already done that would go on my list of things. I’ll post it on my blog one day, maybe you’ll get tagged to give me your top 10 on your bucket list.


I would love to own my own business one day. I’m still not sure in what. I’ve contemplated a restaurant (I love to bake), something with crafts and wedding planning, or something in social media/PR (my current position).

Now I’m going to tag:

MaR_advice: It’s always nice to get to know people, but a little mystery never hurt anyone. Wink wink*

I was chatting with some friends online and we were discussing weight. I know that it can be a touchy subject – especially for girls/women – but it’s definitely a topic that a majority of Americans think about (look at the Biggest Loser).


I started looking at pictures of myself from my senior cruise in high school (left) and a recent picture I took at a wedding. You can definitely see the difference. I’ve gained 25 lbs since then (6 years – that’s like 4lbs+ a year!). Thus the idea of my “25 before I’m 25” challenge.

To lose 25lbs before I turn 25 (March 7th), I realized I need to stop BSing and start really working out.

Today starts my first day and I’ll definitely give you an update. 25 might be too ambitious, but it’s not bad to set your goals high. Plus, during my vacation at Disney World, I’m sure all of that walking will do me some justice!

Do you have any tips? My friend, Donna, told me to walk up and down the stairs as a workout and jump rope. I’ve also kept a pair of my favorite jeans from when I was skinnier so that I can hopefully wear them again.

If you want to lose weight, I encourage you to join the challenge. It doesn’t have to be 25lbs like me – you can decide your goal weight.

I’m determined to do this and I thank you all ahead of time for your support. We can support each other!

I’ll continue to keep you updated and reveal my results on my birthday.

MaR_advice: When you start working out, it’s good to keep yourself motivated. Give yourself goals. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results quickly. Instead, measure your waist, hips, arms and thighs – you lose inches faster than lbs.

My apologies for straying off the editorial calendar course. Last week was crazy, but I’m back on track now.

While watching TV with my man, we stumbled upon a commercial for The Snuggie Blanket – a blanket with sleeves.

With the sudden cold weather becoming quickly unbearable, Snuggie Blanket comes to the rescue. A full length blanket, which comes in three different colors, keeps you warm and frees your hands.

OK, great concept right? Except one thing…I think it looks a little too much like a cult robe. I also thought of a Jedi robe. What do you think?


(image from Amazon)

MaR_advice: If you’re feeling cold this winter, look at your alternatives to stay warm. Snuggie Blanket, although made for everyone and anyone, may not capture your particular taste. You have options…like turning your heat on or wearing sweat pants. I believe there’s a reason why designers constructed clothing using velour.


MaR_advice: Every four years we get an opportunity to express ourselves by helping select our future President and VP. Vote tomorrow! Every vote matters. Remember, you are helping shape the nation’s future for the next four years. Be part of this monumental decision and help your country – especially in this time of need. VOTE!

For more information on our Presidential candidates, please visit:

John McCain

Barack Obama

This is going to be a quick update post because I didn’t have time to write over the weekend or this morning…eeks!

image I know it’s three days old, but they were discussing the fake supporter attack and how she used Twitter on the radio this morning.  Apparently, prior to her ‘attack,’ she was describing the neighborhood she was in as being shady and sketchy. I guess she was laying down the foundation of her false report. What are your thoughts about the lady who faked being attacked by an Obama supporter? (img from AOL News post)

MaR_advice: If you’re craving attention, lying to receive it is NOT the best way to go!