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I mentioned in my last MaR_advice I will be writing more random posts and straying away from my editorial calendar. As a result, I’ve decided to write more about what’s been going on in my life and more things that interest me.


I am a huge lover of all types of music. For the past couple of days I’ve been engulfed in the good old 80s and early 90s. Listening to the radio made me think of all the songs I have on my iPod. Out of the 1000+ that I have, I only really listen to 10% of them over and and over again. That’s when I decided to create the MaR_Mix. (Pic from Nelly Furtado concert at the Patriot Center circa 2007)

I’m not going to share all the songs on my the playlist, but I will list 25 random songs and why they made the cut for the MaR_Mix playlist. Songs that I tend to repeat remind me of a memory or a person. So here’s my list:

  1. Electric Feel by MGMT: My sister Nicole introduced me to this song. She always had a lyric quoted from the song on her away message. It has an 80s feel to it and I really like it.
  2. Maybe by NERD: I’m a huge supporter of NERD, especially since they’re from my hometown Virginia Beach, VA. This song is my favorite out of all of their songs. Even though it’s never been played on the radio, I think the lyrics are great and I just love the dynamics of the beat and melody.
  3. Dark Blue by Jacks Mannequin: My sister Maureen use to listen to this song almost every day like 4 or 5 summers ago. She always harmonized with the melody and I think that’s what made me like the song and the fact that she kept singing it so much I started singing it, too.
  4. Candy Rain by Soul for Real: In fifth grade we had to perform what was called a Grammar Rap – a song/rap describing a grammar word (i.e. noun, verb, etc.). I performed with my friend Martina and we did a whole dance and rap to this song (our grammar word was ‘verb’). Our teacher, Mrs. Stone, liked it so much she kept the recording of our performance and played it her classes for years to come. I hope she upgraded…that was over 15 years ago! (No, I don’t remember the rap or the dance)
  5. Time of Your Life by Green Day: This was the first song I learned how to play on the guitar (kind of)- and unfortunately the only. My friend Leslie attempted to teach me the basic chords for this song. The only thing I remember know is how to strum the G chord.
  6. Everyday People by Arrested Development: How can you not remember this song? I always wondered what he said in the beginning and I’d make up my words until he said, “Hey.” I never understood how deep the lyrics were until recently.
  7. Just Dance by Lady Gaga: This is a more recent song, but I really like Lady Gaga’s full album. I didn’t start to listen to her music until my BF Christian introduced me. His favorite part of the song is when she sings the “da doops.” She reminds me of Gwen Stefani. Anyone else think that way?
  8. 7 Things by Miley Cyrus: Now before you go and critize, this song is actually cute. I like when she says “sha.”
  9. Chasing Pavements by Adele: This song is great. It’s sooo pretty and I have to credit Nicole again for gauging my interest in her music. She’s a wonderful singer!
  10. Love by Matt White: I first heard this song when I saw the movie She’s the Man. It’s the scene with Channing Tatum sees Oliva (I don’t know the actress’ name) kiss the real Sebastian. Ever since then, I always wondered what it was called and who it was by. Thank goodness for Shazam.
  11. California Love by Tu Pac: I use to hate Tu Pac. The whole East/West coast rivalry was insane. I honestly didn’t like his attitude (too cocky for my taste), nontheless – this song has a great beat and I love when Christian raps it to me.
  12. Always and Forever by Heatwave: One of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard. Christian called me one night and told me to listen to this song because it reminded him of me. I love when he does that.
  13. Viva la Vida by Coldplay: My favorite Coldplay song – hand’s down. I love the orchestra!
  14. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World: This song is very inspirational. It really reiterates that everything will be okay despite the downs in life.
  15. True Affection by The Blow: Again, Nicole introduced me to this song. For those that haven’t heard it – listen to the beat really hard. It might make you shake your laffy taffy.
  16. Samson by Regina Spektor: Again, Maureen introduced me to this song and eventually let me see the piano sheet music so I could learn how to play it. Regina’s piano skills are dope.
  17. Take On Me by Aha: The video for this song is classic. I used to just love it because it was just plain and simple great, but now it reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Chris is in the grocery store and reenacts the video.
  18. The Truth About Heaven by Armor for Sleep: Nicole introduced this band to me, but I barely listened to them until I saw this song on Stephenie Meyer’s playlist for New Moon. I also love the energy the song gives off.
  19. Lately by Stevie Wonder: This is probably my favorite song by him. Stevie is a legend. I love singing this song in the car.
  20. Konstantine by Something Corporate: This is one of the longest songs ever. The piano arrangement is just crazy great. I prefer the live version over the album cut.
  21. To Be With You by Mr. Big: I remember his hair was long and curly – or was that someone else? Classic early 90s hit. I’ll jam to this song any day.
  22. Hypnotize by Notorious BIG: This is my favorite Biggie song. For the longest time I had this as my ringer. This song reminds me of the movie “Ten Things I Hate About You” when Julia Stiles dances on the table drunk and she hits her head on the chandelier. Do you remember that?
  23. Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine: This is from the “Twilight” movie soundtrack. Love it! The lyrics don’t make much sense to me, but I played this song over and over again once I found out what it was called.
  24. By Your Side by Sade: Such a good song! It’s a romantic and always reminds me of weddings. IDK why.
  25. Fantasy Remix by Mariah Carey and Old Dirty Bastard: This song reminds me of the time I was getting ready to go to my 7th grade dance and all I wanted to do was listen it over and over again. I remember being on the phone with my friend at that time, Jamison. IDK what we were talking about, but we had to get off the phone so I could change for the dance.

I hope you share your top – maybe not 25 – but at least 5 songs on some playlist you have on your iPod, Zune, etc. and why they’re on your list. Feel free to pass this along to your friends!

MaR_advice: Sharing is caringĀ  – it can be fun. You never know who else loves Prince’s Kiss or OAR’s Crazy Game of Poker…hehehe. Nonetheless, music is a common denominator in people’s lives – no matter the genre. Everyone loves a dope beat!


Disclosure: This is completely a thought post and I’m not really serious about my allegations at all.

image In honor of the movie Notorious (in theaters today!), I decided I would share my hypothesis of who killed Biggie. (img frm offtheblockent)

I remember when he passed – it was crazy! I knew one girl who cried and everything. Christopher Wallace was a talented man who will forever be known as one of the best artists that rocked the hip hop nation.

I have to be honest, when I heard he died the first person that came to mind was Diddy (known then as Puff Daddy). Why?

Although Diddy might have helped Biggie with his stardom, we all know who the sidekick was – Diddy. Biggie was the man. He had it all, fame, fortune, and a family. It’s tragic that he died during the height of his career. Although he was gone, Diddy did carry that torch for Bad Boy Entertainment.

After Puffy’s rendition of I’ll Be Missing You, I couldn’t discredit the amount of attention he received. “…through your family I’ll fulfill your dreams…” That phrase alone made me think it was all a dream conspiracy. Faith Evans (Biggie’s wife) and Diddy were having an affair and that’s what he meant by through your family I’ll fulfill your dreams. Crazy conspiracy theory, huh?

Another tip off was all of a sudden, Diddy was everywhere! He was no longer under the shadow of Biggie, he ran Bad Boy Entertainment with a golden torch, and his Sean Jean clothing line really took off. Diddy created himself a personal brand and everyone knew him.

I don’t think he would have been as successful as he is now if Biggie were alive today. He would still be the wingman. He wouldn’t have multiple reality series shows on MTV or VH1, and no one would be saying, “Bitchassness,” (which I use often – when I drive!).

So that’s my conclusion, Diddy killed Biggie and covered it up. Now he’s so successful, no one will question him.

imageAhh. That’s probably not what happened!  Of course I don’t really think Diddy did it! On the real, it probably was Suge Knight. (img frm kindercore) He was the man behind Death Row Records and after Tupac accused Biggie of getting a hitman on him (the first time Tupac got shot), it was down hill from there. The rivalry between the West and East rappers was born! I believe that’s when I kept hearing, “Westside!”. Eh. (If you say “Eastside” it doesn’t sound as cool). Suge probably hired a hitman to get Biggie. 

This is all just speculation. We’ll never know who took the life of one of the best rappers ever. All we can do now is hope that Biggie is resting in peace. What do you think?

MaR_advice: Please share your thoughts with me. Who do you think killed Biggie and why? Also – what is your favorite Biggie song? Mine is Hypnotize. Have a save and wonderful weekend!

image I came to NoVA to attend college at George Mason University (Go Patriots!). After graduation, I decided to stay in the area to pursue my career of choice and just be in a location where there’s a lot of diversity, and more events to attend that you can’t find at home (I’m from VA Beach). Even though I’ve lived in this area for about six years, I always enjoy coming home and there are some events that I wish I couldn’t have known about or attended. (img frm cpdulles)

My friend, Ji, created a blog called VB2DC. The blog is “a one stop shop/site streamlining event promotional info, highlighting local talent, and facilitating a meeting of the minds to hopefully spark more collaboration, community, and cultural production” from Virginia Beach to Washington, D.C. image

The Internet allows us to be connected in ways we never imagined. We can connect to the web via cell phones, we engage in conversations with social networking platforms like blogs, Twitter or Facebook. With webcams, we can even see the people we love that are thousands of miles away via chat services like Skype of ooVoo. (img frm ultimatetaxi)

My point is: no matter where you go, home is at your fingertips via the Internet. Sometimes things in life can be really crazy and you feel like you don’t have time. VB2DC keeps me connected to the events at Va. Beach and D.C. It really is a one stop shop.

MaR_advice: There’s nothing wrong keeping yourself connected to your hometown. Use what the Internet has to offer. If you feel you’re not getting the best of both worlds (yes, Miley Cyrus rocks…hahah) then, create a social network or a community. If you need help, let me know!


  • RIP Scott Ruffalo. Our hearts go out to you and your family! (img from inquistr)
  • Bobby Brown’s book, “The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But…” came out yesterday. Of course he dishes about his marriage with Whitney. I see some drama ah brewin’.
  • Grey’s Anatomy star, T.R. Knight wants to leave the show! According to In Touch, he requested a release of his contract and ABC is not hesitating to give him what he wants. Is T.R. being a divo?
  • It’s been almost three weeks since the release of the movie Twilight and we all know Summit is gearing up for the sequel, New Moon. Who else wouldn’t be excited about this news!?!?! I mean, they got more money for the sequel, they’re hiring another producer (Hardwicke stepped down) and fans are excited to see more of Jacob, but Summit doesn’t think Taylor Launter is the one. Um…more drama say wah?
    MaR_advice: As always, think before you speak and think before you act. You can end up spilling your guts about your life and later regret it, stir up drama, or even hurt a loved one.


Last Friday, Disney got money in the bank with the release of the much anticipated High School Musical 3. (img from HSM3 Blog)

Despite my efforts to find a child to watch the movie with, I ended up waiting in a line full of anxious kids ready to bust through the theater doors with two of my besties (thanks ladies!).

I have to let this out. Although I know Twilight is a Summit movie, I really wish they showed a trailer for it! Those TV spots are killing me!

The premise of the movie revolved around growing up. What lies ahead after you leave high school? For the main characters of HSM3, various conflicts occur: What do I want to be when I grow up? Will I still be with my significant other when I leave for college? What about my best friend? Should I just do what everyone expects me too? So many questions for 5-16 year olds to answer…right?

Let’s move on to the singing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song Can I Have This Dance? I love it so much that I told the BF, we’re going to dance to this at our wedding (no I’m not engaged – what’s wrong with planning ahead?). The choreography and music are wonderful! I still love the music from the first HSM, but I think this is better than HSM2.

So for my review. I’m not going to say that the movie sucked, but it was OK. I don’t think that I’d pay $11 to watch it again (is that how much your AMC charges you?). The movie could have been a little longer, but it did end with the characters figuring out what dreams they want to fulfill. Zac Efron, as usual, was hot.

MaR_advice: Wait to watch this movie on TV instead of paying at the theater. Trust me!