Thursday HH: Entertainment Roundup

Posted on: October 30, 2008

    MaR_advice: No advice today. Just enjoy the links and feel free to alert me of more entertainment news!

4 Responses to "Thursday HH: Entertainment Roundup"

The news for Jennifer Hudson’s family is purely shocking and disturbing. It’s sad to know that there are some sick people out there.

On the other note, Gwen Stefani is absolutely gorgeous. Geez, this woman has flawless skin like no other. Her baby’s eyes are captivating! My GAH! But mark my words, Mar! When I have a baby, I’m taking a photo just like Gwen’s! I love it! As long as I don’t look like a fat lard after having a baby. LOL!, Eh, I laugh now.

@Jen: The news of the Hudsons was horrible! And you’re correct, there are sick people out there…driven by money and greed. It’s a sad sad world.

And I agree too, Stefani has great skin! She’s so natural and pretty. I’m sure you’ll be just as radiant when you’re preggars and give birth…so hurry and start making them babies! =)

I was also shocked to hear about what happened to Jennifer Hudson’s family. I can’t believe it! Seriously, what is the world coming to?

But when you think about it, crazy stuff like this has been happening forever. Imagine all the things we don’t hear about, things that happen to ordinary people! *shudder* I guess all we can do is pray.

@Janelle : I know what you mean! It is crazy to know that things like this happen. About three weeks ago I heard on the radio that this lady beat and froze two of her foster children. FROZE them, as in kept them in the freezer where the police found their bodies.

We live in a sick and twisted world! And you’re right – all we can do is hope and pray that the world will get better.

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