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Last Saturday, the BF and I met with Jen, her hubby, her bro and his GF at the infamous Georgetown Cupcakes.

After experiencing a miracle (finding parking on the streets of Gtown at 6pm only one block of my destination), it was inevitable that we’d hit a speed bump – more like a wannabe roller coaster ride line. Forty-five minutes in a line to wait for cupcakes?

Let me tell you, it was worth it. Christian and I ended up purchasing a dozen cupcakes. I want to take the time to thank my colleague, Qui, for telling me which cupcakes to pick.


We bought 4 red velvets, 2 mochas, 2 coconut chocolates, 2 vanilla chocolates, 1 lemon berry and 1 chocolate ganache. We indulged and loved every minute of it!

Georgetown Cupcakes are great! I think what makes it so special is the frosting. YUM. The cupcakes are moist and wonderful.Their red velvet is wonderful and my favorite! Second was the coconut chocolate. 

photo(2)     gtowncc3 

MaR_advice: If you’re ever in the DC area, I’d definitely go to Georgetown Cupcakes. It’s really worth the time and money.