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It’s been a huge obstacle for me to start actually writing in my blog. I’ve learned that dedication is key if you want to fully engage, contribute, and build relationships within the blogosphere.

The main reason for my procrastination was this simple question: where to begin? As I started formulating ideas in my head, I decided that the most appropriate post would be an ode to ‘firsts.’

Here are three of the ‘firsts’ I’ve experienced this year that I’m proud of:

  • Obtained a fulltime job – which I love. I have to say, I am blessed. After a rocky start on the job hunt it felt like I was never going find a job suitable for my needs: a place to learn, strengthen my skills, and a great working environment with awesome co-workers/bosses.
  • Took a flight – by myself. I’ve already flown twice this year own my own. I went to Miami for a bachelorette party (good times!) and Atlanta to visit the CNN studio, Georgia Aquarium and Coke-Cola Factory. Sitting next to strangers isn’t so bad; I’ll just refrain from wearing my “Bloggers Talk to Strangers” shirt next time…
  • Sponsor a child. Through the Christian Foundation of Children and Aging, I help a little girl in the Philippines receive proper education.

What are some of the ‘firsts’ you’ve experience this year that you’re proud of? Did you get your first real job, too? Start your first year in college? Buy/rent your own place?

MaR_advice: No matter what you’re proud of – whether it’s something big as getting your first real job or something little as flying on your own – you should always be happy to share it with your family and friends. Celebrate!