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Once again I was watching TV and saw an infomercial for Silver Sonic XL. Bell + Howell created this $19.95 product that amplifies sound from 90ft away. With an image comparable to a blue tooth headset, the Silver Sonic XL is small and lightweight. It comes with three soft tips, people can use it in either ear, and control their volume.

The infomercial said it works well for concerts and if you’re out in your background, you can hear your doorbell ring.

OK STOP! Come on! It amplifies sound in concerts!? Aren’t concerts loud enough in the first place? And to be honest, it’s not that discreet in the infomercial.

This is what the infomercial should have said:

The NEW Silver Sonic XL helps your ears suffer by amplifying sound from 90 ft away! Eavesdrop on conversations not meant for you! Become deaf when you use this during concerts! Turn down your TV and let the Silver Sonic XL amplify the sound DIRECTLY in your ear!

Like that’s any better! What do you think of the Silver Sonic XL?

OK – I completely understand if you are hard of hearing and you need such a device like this, but for regular people just to purchase it?

And if this becomes mainstream like the Snuggies, all I have to say is OMG!

MaR_advice: Please do not support such products! Instead, give your money to someone less fortunate. Devices like these are just a joke.


In honor of President-Elect Obama’s Inauguration next week, I thought I’d write about a technology that many drivers will need when in DC – a Bluetooth headset. DC drivers are not allowed to be on their cell phone while driving!

I’ve had three Bluetooth headsets – one Jawbone and two Jabras. I’ll discuss with you my Jawbone and my current Jabra headset.


Jawbone – how I loathe thee. (img from Jawbones are gorgeous and my bf says they’re the best Bluetooth headset he’s ever used, BUT I have to disagree. I hated mine. People couldn’t hear me; I changed my ear pieces to see if it would adjust better – just so many problems with mine. The sleek design was great, BUT I couldn’t find where the buttons were for adjusting the volume and such. To top it off, Jawbones are not the cheapest! The best thing about them though is that you didn’t have to charge them every night and it only took one hour to fully charge. But you don’t have to take my word for it. (Side note, remember Reading Rainbow and how the host would say that after every book he introduced?)


Jabra – I love you. It’s easy to use and more comfortable in my ear! No one complains about not being able to hear me and it’s not that expensive. I do wish it had a better battery lifespan and didn’t need to be charged every night (I’m bad at charging my electronics). All of that aside, my new Jabra makes me happy, it’s easy to use with gloves on AND all of the buttons are defined. (img from blueunplugged)

So there you have it folks, my assessment for the two Bluetooths I’ve used. Let me know if you have questions or would like to add to the current list. Happy talking – hands free!

MaR_advice: It doesn’t matter what type of Bluetooth you use when you’re in DC – just have one! Security is going to be VERY tight and with the estimated amount of people coming into DC (about 1-4 million), the police will be likely looking for ways to give people tickets.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope this year brings you lots of happiness and great health.

I was on my way to work yesterday when I heard about Apple’s new patented product: iGloves.

This isn’t the first time someone’s invented gloves for the iPhone. Marmot made gloves in 2006 for the iPhone, known as the iGlove Multi. BUT Apple is staking their claim to their iPhone accessories.

iGloves are the answer to my cold fingers’ problem. Whenever I want to use my iPhone, I have to take my gloves off – call whomever – and then put my gloves back on. I love my iPhone, but it is a pain to use during the winter.

imageIf you look closely at the thumb and pointer finger areas, you can see the “Dots” that enable to you use your iPhone with these gloves on. The gloves come in either knit ($15) or woolen ($20). (img from

This is really exciting! I might go ahead and make a purchase myself. If you have a pair – please let me know if they’re as great as I hope they would be!

MaR_advice: It’s time to make smart purchases and this would be one. It fulfills two things: keeps your hands warm AND allows you to use your iPhone at the same time. It’s a smart product and smart accessory.

Below are some excellent articles/posts for those that need tech gift ideas:

One great idea that will never fail is a USB thumb drive. Here are some pictures of really cool ones:


Sushi! (img from ensun.pak)


An actual thumb…get it!? hahaha (img from


Dominos…dope huh? (img from savasplace)


Turtle turtle. (img from ubergizmo)


Legos rock. (img from farm1)



No, these aren’t Wii controllers! (img from geeky-gadgets)


MaR_advice: Tech gifts do not have to be expensive! Remember, it’s always the thought that counts.

Can you believe it’s already December? I can’t believe how fast time flew!

Like a majority of people in the world, I am strapped for cash this year in terms of gift giving. So I’ve decided that I will provide information on some affordable technology must-haves for the season. Keep in mind these gifts might seem pricey now, but just imagine the ROI and longevity you’ll get from them. AND this is a great gift to give to a couple or a family.

The first of the series is a Blu-ray player. After winning the HD format war against HD DVD Players, it’s only natural to purchase a Blu-ray player. Below are three affordable players and links for online purchasing (full descriptions and specs are on the store websites:


image Philips Blu-ray Disc Player, BDP7200/37 

    This baby also plays CDs, DivX discs, JPEG photos and MP3 music. It has a bonus view for Picture-in-Picture video and audio mixing. Currently being sold at Walmart for $219.98.

imageSamsung Blu-ray Player – BD-P1500

Includes a 1 year warranty on parts and a 90 day warranty on labor from Target. Sale price is $269.99.


imagePanasonic DMP-BD35K BD-Live Blu-ray Disc Player

One of Circuit City deals on Blu-ray players. It upconverts standard DVDs and even has an SD Card slot. Get this play for $249.99.

Do you have any other Blu-ray players to recommend? Please share!

MaR_Advice: Definitely hit up stores that are going out of business to purchase tech items, like Circuit City. They usually have a better sale and want to get rid of their items quick!

imageMy older sister receives the Real Simple magazine and the latest edition featured the Memorex SingStand.

If you LOVE karaoke, this nifty piece of technology is for you. Instead of purchasing more DVDs for your MagicMic, simply attached your iPod or MP3 player to the SingStand and party like a rock star.

Features include a microphone, integrated mic stand and speakers. You add echo effects or attach a keyboard for accompaniment (cool!). Although one mic is included, the system has two inputs incase you want to sing duets (which means you need to purchase another mic separately).

Only problem is iPod’s don’t provide the lyrics to the songs you download. What if you don’t know the all words?

The Memorex SingStand can be purchased starting this November at participating Walmarts for $70.

(image from Electronista)

MaR_advice: For $70, I think this item would be a great gift for the holidays. It’s economical, looks sleek, and can be a cure for for Friday night boredom.

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