Tech Talk: New Device Amplifies Hearing or Causes Hearing Loss? You Decide.

Posted on: February 10, 2009

Once again I was watching TV and saw an infomercial for Silver Sonic XL. Bell + Howell created this $19.95 product that amplifies sound from 90ft away. With an image comparable to a blue tooth headset, the Silver Sonic XL is small and lightweight. It comes with three soft tips, people can use it in either ear, and control their volume.

The infomercial said it works well for concerts and if you’re out in your background, you can hear your doorbell ring.

OK STOP! Come on! It amplifies sound in concerts!? Aren’t concerts loud enough in the first place? And to be honest, it’s not that discreet in the infomercial.

This is what the infomercial should have said:

The NEW Silver Sonic XL helps your ears suffer by amplifying sound from 90 ft away! Eavesdrop on conversations not meant for you! Become deaf when you use this during concerts! Turn down your TV and let the Silver Sonic XL amplify the sound DIRECTLY in your ear!

Like that’s any better! What do you think of the Silver Sonic XL?

OK – I completely understand if you are hard of hearing and you need such a device like this, but for regular people just to purchase it?

And if this becomes mainstream like the Snuggies, all I have to say is OMG!

MaR_advice: Please do not support such products! Instead, give your money to someone less fortunate. Devices like these are just a joke.


7 Responses to "Tech Talk: New Device Amplifies Hearing or Causes Hearing Loss? You Decide."

I saw this infomercial! OH GAH! It’s soooo lame. HAHA! But the actors/actresses are hilarious. “Wow, she has an amazing body!” LOL!

Haha. I think it’s whack that they’re trying to sell these..

However, I learned in my Intel class that they use these types of devices in the CIA, but they just don’t look like that. Also, it doesn’t just amplify ALL sounds. I don’t know how it works exactly, but my professor said they were real (I took the class last spring semester). So, I dunno.

Still, I don’t think they should be selling them to the general public.

Eavesdrop on conversations?! Well, if everyone starts buying that, we’ll all have to watch what we say. What about privacy!?

@ Jen – yes, that part cracked me up!

@ Maureen – It would be cool for CIA stuff and the hearing impaired, but not for people who hear perfectly fine!

@ Janelle – Exactly my thoughts! Crazy inventions these days.

Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

Making Money $150 An Hour

Are you hard of hearing? Then what qualifies you to make an ass out of yourself?

Is this different from a regular hearing aid? I find the lack of information on their website suspicous – nothing on how it works.

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