Thursday HH: Twilight

Posted on: November 13, 2008

I was going to do a whole links list of entertainment news that I heard this week: i.e Rhianna being preggars by Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera getting caught kissing -supposedly a gay- guy, and Jennifer Aniston’s thoughts about Brangilina really hooking up while her and Brad were married. (Notice none of these are linked, so please turn to Perez or TMZ for the truth).

I wanted to talk about all of these but I just realized that my favorite book saga, Twilight, is premiering their movie in seven days!

In addition to all the promotion for this movie, the cast of Twilight will be at participating malls across the U.S. and guess who happens to work about 40 minutes from one of the malls?! ME!

Kristen Stewart (who plays the main character Bella) will be at Fair Oaks mall signing autographs (no pictures allowed…I know right, WTF?) at 5PM. The first 500 get autographs. I’m not going. I’ll just wait for the movie. =)

To bad it’s not Rob Pattinson….swoon!

MaR_advice: Remember your priorities before you ditch work to be mobbed by thousands of teeny boppers!

4 Responses to "Thursday HH: Twilight"

I want to read the book, I have heard so many things about it.

I wanna really read the book! I have heard some really good things about it!!

Oh Mar! I’m glad you didn’t ditch work to be mobbed in teeny boppers! PUAHAHA!

Thanksgiving? Am I going to see you?

@Kimberly – the book is awesome! You have to read it!

@Jen – sorry so late. We have to find another time to date…maybe winter break? (that kinda rhymed)

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