Thursday HH: More Drama For Yo’ Mama

Posted on: December 11, 2008


  • RIP Scott Ruffalo. Our hearts go out to you and your family! (img from inquistr)
  • Bobby Brown’s book, “The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But…” came out yesterday. Of course he dishes about his marriage with Whitney. I see some drama ah brewin’.
  • Grey’s Anatomy star, T.R. Knight wants to leave the show! According to In Touch, he requested a release of his contract and ABC is not hesitating to give him what he wants. Is T.R. being a divo?
  • It’s been almost three weeks since the release of the movie Twilight and we all know Summit is gearing up for the sequel, New Moon. Who else wouldn’t be excited about this news!?!?! I mean, they got more money for the sequel, they’re hiring another producer (Hardwicke stepped down) and fans are excited to see more of Jacob, but Summit doesn’t think Taylor Launter is the one. Um…more drama say wah?
    MaR_advice: As always, think before you speak and think before you act. You can end up spilling your guts about your life and later regret it, stir up drama, or even hurt a loved one.

3 Responses to "Thursday HH: More Drama For Yo’ Mama"

I tagged you, check out my blog! =)

Oh drama, drama, drama.

I like Taylor Lautner! I’m worried New Moon is going to too RUSHED. Why can’t they just take their time & make it better than the first? WAHH.

@ Jen – I gotchu girl. =)

@ Janelle – I know..I love Taylor! Although I saw a suggestion for Mike Copon for Jacob

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