Wednesday Review: Button – Benjamin Button

Posted on: January 7, 2009

image During my vacation in South Carolina (I went to celebrate the New Year after my trip to Disney/Universal), my bf, siblings, and cousin and I went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

I was a little adamant about watching the movie because I didn’t want to picture how Brad Pitt would look old. I know, crazy because he’ll eventually become old…but he’s still hot. (img from teamsugar)

I cried three times. I didn’t ball my eyes out, but I slickly hid my tears (I’m slick if Christian couldn’t even notice that I was crying or whipping my tears on my sleeve).

The concept and the story exemplified a timeless romance (get it?…hehe). It was just wonderful. Brad Pitt shows his comedic side and Cate Blanchett is just riveting with her dancing talents. The special effects were great and I hope they use the tools for New Moon.

As I often say, I can’t and don’t want to ruin the movie for others by diving too deep into the story, so just go and watch. It was worth the three hours – even  Biden’s couldn’t see it because the movie packs the theaters!

MaR_advice: This too is a great date movie. Guys – girls will definitely shed a tear sometime during the movie, it would be an excellent chance to be that “shoulder to cry on.” Wink wink, nudge nudge. Just helpin’ you out!

7 Responses to "Wednesday Review: Button – Benjamin Button"

sooo many good movies! i haven’t seen a movie since Role Models? I think.. man!

ookay, i still have to watch this, 7 pounds, four christmases, and twilight

oooh and marley and me! OH GEEZ!

@ jen – I want to watch Seven Pounds, too! My sister said Four Christmases was OK and I heard Marley and Me is a tear jerker! As for Twilight…you know what I’ll say about that. Hehehe.

agreed – I didn’t cry or anything but some of those tense moments were comic relieved by the “struck by lightning” man. and is it just me or did this movie make you remember forrest gump?

@ Tukes – YES! Everyone keeps telling me it reminded them of Forrest Gump. The “struck by lightening” man was hilarious. I thought my BF wouldn’t recover from laughing so hard. Glad you enjoyed the movie, too!

Marley & Me made me cry my eyes out!

I liked Benjamin Button.. but I’m one of those people who thinks it’s JUST like Forrest Gump! Haha.

@Janelle – Do you recommend seeing Marley & Me? As for the Button – I hear the “Forrest Gump” comparison all the time. Today my friend compared it to “The Notebook”. I think we can all agree though that the movie was great!

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