Fitness Friday: Sex or the Internet?

Posted on: December 12, 2008

image Intel released the results of an online survey the conducted regarding the use of the Internet and sex between men and women of different age groups. The study shows that 45% of women would rather go without sex for two weeks than give up the Internet that long, while 30% of men would do the same. (img from oriontechnology)

More findings correlated with age and gender that would make that choice:

  • 18-34 yrs, women: 49%
  • 18-34 yrs, men: 39%
  • 35-44 yrs, women: 52%
  • 35-44 yrs, men: 23%

Is the Internet taking over our lives (beyond the bedroom activities)?!?!?


MaR_advice: If you can’t find a balance between the Internet and your sex life, then you have some reprioritization to do.

4 Responses to "Fitness Friday: Sex or the Internet?"

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve chosen the internet over sex before bed. I’m addicted to online window shopping.

i’m well balanced….

internet then sex… DUH! PUAHAHAH!


LOL @ JEN! Hahahaha. Well, being in a ‘long distance’ relationship, I know I can go 2 weeks without sex, no problem. But 2 weeks without Internet? Just strike me dead right now.


@ maricellina – Hahaha. Online window shopping is great!

@ Jen – Girl, you crazy! At least you’re balanced.

@ Janelle – The internet is addicting – it’s like a drug to me, my own brand of heroine. HAHAHAHAHA. K, I’m stopping.

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