Wednesday Review: Transporter 3

Posted on: December 10, 2008

image I’m all about movies and action movies are one of my top three genres. Last Friday I watched Transporter 3 and I have to give you my review.

First off, Jason Statham (the protagonist of the movie) is HOTT – just look at him with his shirt off. OK, back to the movie. Jason plays Frank Martin, a professional transporter who delivers very valuable packages without asking questions in an awesome and highly equipped Audi. (img from popwrap)

This time around, Frank is forced to deliver a package that could mean life or death for him.

Action>> Transporter 3 has it! The movie is jam packed with fighting and of course – lots of car chase scenes.

Accent>> Barely any Americans in this movie. Lots of Ukrainians, a Frenchman and of course..a Brit. Love accents!

I’m only going to give those two assessments of the movie because I don’t want to spoil it for those who want to see the movie!

Overall, I think you should go see Transporter 3. If you liked the first two movies, you’ll probably enjoy this.

MaR_advice: Guys, don’t be afraid to take your woman to watch it. I think this is a good date movie that both of you can appreciate.

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