25 before I’m 25

Posted on: December 8, 2008

I was chatting with some friends online and we were discussing weight. I know that it can be a touchy subject – especially for girls/women – but it’s definitely a topic that a majority of Americans think about (look at the Biggest Loser).


I started looking at pictures of myself from my senior cruise in high school (left) and a recent picture I took at a wedding. You can definitely see the difference. I’ve gained 25 lbs since then (6 years – that’s like 4lbs+ a year!). Thus the idea of my “25 before I’m 25” challenge.

To lose 25lbs before I turn 25 (March 7th), I realized I need to stop BSing and start really working out.

Today starts my first day and I’ll definitely give you an update. 25 might be too ambitious, but it’s not bad to set your goals high. Plus, during my vacation at Disney World, I’m sure all of that walking will do me some justice!

Do you have any tips? My friend, Donna, told me to walk up and down the stairs as a workout and jump rope. I’ve also kept a pair of my favorite jeans from when I was skinnier so that I can hopefully wear them again.

If you want to lose weight, I encourage you to join the challenge. It doesn’t have to be 25lbs like me – you can decide your goal weight.

I’m determined to do this and I thank you all ahead of time for your support. We can support each other!

I’ll continue to keep you updated and reveal my results on my birthday.

MaR_advice: When you start working out, it’s good to keep yourself motivated. Give yourself goals. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results quickly. Instead, measure your waist, hips, arms and thighs – you lose inches faster than lbs.

14 Responses to "25 before I’m 25"

cute black dress, mar! some things i’ve found that help:

* buying new workout gear to help get ya motivated
* working out at about the same time everyday so it starts to become part of your routine
* targeting your training towards something like a 5k.. this gives you a hard deadline to help you pace
* watching what you eat (& how much you drink, too, bc alcoholic beverages are pretty much straight calories). you can help track here-
* eating a filling breakfast to help prevent snacking til lunch (oatmeal, rice cakes, etc)
* keeping health snacks at work (100 calorie packs, fruit, granola bars, almonds, etc..sometimes even sipping a big cup of tea or hot chocolate at my desk will fill me up)
* sticking to lean meats like chicken breast, seafood, etc. ya know i stopped eating beef & pork 4 years ago & that REALLY helped out
* not snacking too soon to bedtime.. or if you must, stick to something light like fruit
* not buying junk food or limiting yourself to just one kind each trip to the grocery store (like getting only a bag of chips OR a pack of cookies but not both)
* regularly reading up on fitness & wellness tips to keep ya on the right track

hope this helps!

I love that dress! PUAHAH! I told you that before. So if you lose weight and it doesn’t fit you, you know you can pass it to me! LOL! PUAHAH

Okay.. hmm.. advice wise.. get engaged! I lost 7-8 pounds before the wedding! So tell Christian! LOL! HAHA J/J

Okay forreal…it’s the little things that count

• Avoid soda. High Fructose corn syrup is a complex sugar. Therefore, it’s harder for your body to break down and it’ll turn into fat. So avoid soda and drink water instead. Avoid high fructose corn syrup will definitely help you out. Yes, Mar, that means no candy. You can treat yourself, once in awhile though.

• Portion control. Don’t eat till your full. Your brain tells you that your full a few minutes after.

• Eat your greens! But do it smartly. Eating a salad with Ranch Dressing and Bacon defeats the purpose. Try to do vinegarettes, instead!

• Yogurt over Ice cream. Yes, that means frozen yogurt too! mMMM! Ditch the ice cream. GAH! It’s easier for me to tell you, cause I won’t do it. But I do love frozen yogurt. Yogurt has the goodies in it to support your system. Plus, it also has acidophilus. Good for the chocha (sorry guys!) HAHA!

That’s it from me!

I’m with you on this challenge! I’m trying to drink more water and add more fish and veggies to my diet. Hula hooping is my favorite form of exercise. I often do it in front of the television. (And by often I mean I think of doing it often in front of the television)

you look hot in both pictures. how bout we meet up sometime for dinner and a movie? feel free to e-mail me, cutie… *wink*

@ JZ – Thanks for your input! Great ideas – I especially like buying new workout gear…hahaha. Sweats are only $5 at Wal-Mart!

@Jen – Get engaged!? Hahaha…I’d rather be at my goal weight when I get engaged …hehe.

@ Kimberly – Awesome! We can motivate each other. I love hula hooping – it really takes the energy out of you!

@ cb – you can take me out anytime…*wink*

cb, ewww. hahaha. jk!

but yeahhh. good luck mar. i know you can do it!!!

I think every week you should post the weight that you have lost up until your birthday. This will serve as extra motivation.

I have no good advice for you since I can barely stick to my workout routine. I haven’t been to the gym in ages!

But hopefully you can keep yourself motivated. I’m trying to shed a couple pounds before my birthday next month, so let’s see if I can actually get my butt out of bed early enough to hit the gym. LOL. Good luck to you, girl!

Btw, you’re beautiful in both pics up there. 🙂

@ Nicole – don’t hate.

@ Peezy – Good idea, I’ll think about it.

@ Janelle – You can do it! If we keep motivating each other than we can get it done. But why do you need to go to the gym? You’re skinny! And thanks for the dress compliment!

Good God you look young! I have had the same problem girl, and I wish you luck!! 🙂 You may have a better chance without me there to see if you want Eamon’s for lunch lol. Seriously though, keep it up and you will do great! Aside from that, I think 25 is too much for you to lose!

[[[Mar, I think curves look hot on you- seriuosly.]]]

Since I’ve been super busy this semester, I’ve noticed that I’ve lost some of my muscle tone. I’m getting around that age where walking to and from class isn’t going to help me anymore. I don’t mind the weight (I think I look better with some meat one me), but I do want a more toned body.

*So, over winter break, I’m going to start doing pilates again. Your exercise routine should be something that like you like to do, but will still challenge you.

*I used to eat a lot of apples (like, 2 or 3 a day), so I’m going to start doing that. Find fruits/veggies that you enjoy eatting and add that to your diet. That way, when you want to snack, you will have something healthy and yummy.

*I’m bringing home my free weights so I can lift while watching TV. Even doing simple stratches, which can help the muscles, would work, too. Doing things in front of the TV, or simple excersices while at work (I read some online that you can do in your desk chair that won’t make you sweat like crazy, but I can’t find it anymore…) is nice. You’re killing two things with one stone!!

*Also, I’m going to talk to the parentals about me starting Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu. There’s a gym a block away from me, and yesterday I stopped by to check it out and even spoke to the owner/trainer. It would be great to workout with someone telling me what to do and also develop self-defense skills!
I know it costs money, but if you can’t get a “personal trainer,” invest in a good workout video. It’s a great way to stay on track with what you’re doing b/c someone is telling you what you need to do.

*Lastly, I’m going to start writing and reading more. I’ve realized that when I’m stressed, my weight seems out of control. Find a stress relief, aside from working out, so you won’t relate working out with stress. I used to work out when I was stressed, but then I stopped b/c the thought of working out reminded me of all the stress in my life.

Hope this helps, and GL! And GREAT advice about measuring the body instead of weight. I think it’s more effective :]
Can’t wait for DW!

@ Larissa – Do you want to eat at Eamon’s after I lose my 25lbs? hahahahahha…you know, celebrate with fried food. =)

@ m0wene – Thanks for all of the advice. You do need more protein though…maybe you can eat for me so I don’t gain weight. DW is going to be a challenge, but we’ll be walking around everywhere!

what motivated me was getting workout clothes, sneakers, and gear! (weights, floor matts, and yoga ball) i also joined the gym. when i was in boston i’d go to the gym after work 4-5x a week… it was down the street so it was convenient.

i eat 5-6x a day… but fistful sizes. always make sure you get breakfast… its most important! if you do go out, box up half your meal first, that way you’re not tempted to eat the whole thing.

after college my sister gained 20lbs…

she lost it all in 6 months by joining weight watchers. since she didn’t really “have the time” to work out, she lost it all by just learning to eat right. what they do is teach you how to eat right, portion control, and you go there once a week to weigh in and have group meetings. its all very supportive. my friend also did that and i think she lost 15-20lbs as well.

good luck mar!

@ ames – thanks for the advice and support!

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