Wednesday Review – Rant #1: Metro-DC Area Drivers

Posted on: December 3, 2008

Yes, you read correctly – I’m reviewing the driving skills of the Metro-DC Area drivers (NOVA, DC, MD).

image I currently live in MD and commute all the way to Old Town Alexandria for my job. I am not the most patient person in the world when it comes to driving and my road rage is horrible (my turrets is crazy – my VP called me a potty mouth!) And if you live in the area too, you know and understand why rush hour to get home is from 2pm – 7pm. (img from

Now I understand that you need to be at work at a certain time, but doesn’t everyone need to be somewhere at a certain time!?

When I’m driving and there’s a lot of congestion on the road, I like to keep my breaking distance (substantial amount of space between you and the car in front of you in case of sudden breaks). This morning, some lady had the audacity to cut me off – she did not signal or even give a gesture for thanks. People have a right to not let you cut them if you don’t want them, too (Driving 101 – at least that’s what my driving instructor, Ms. Deaton, preached).

I was tempted to show her my favorite bird, when I noticed that she kept looking in her backseat. She had a baby in the backseat! It’s one thing to be aggressive on the road, but it’s another when you have other people’s lives in your hands.

I’ve concluded that Metro-DC area drivers suck and have no courtesy on the road. In my hometown, VA Beach, a majority of people give welcoming gestures to those who let them through. People are hardly in a rush to be somewhere. I miss that…

MaR_Advice: It is imperative that you remain patient when you drive – especially now during the Christmas Season. Everyone wants to get from point A to point B, but there is no need to rush. If you feel rushed, leave earlier to get to your destination. Driving too fast is reckless and there’s no room for that attitude on the road – especially when lives are at risk.

4 Responses to "Wednesday Review – Rant #1: Metro-DC Area Drivers"

UHHH! People in VA BEACH drive just as crazy sometimes! BUT! The traffic in NOVA is way worst, I’ll give you that.


yea traffic sucks… we need our flying cars now!

i hope your holiday travels will go by smoothly

Girl, if you had seen me driving through DC this morning you would have run the other direction. I wanted to rip people out of their cars. Leaving earlier doesn’t always work, but deep breath, right? We’ll get there when we get there.

Can’t believe you remember the name of your driving instructor, btw.

@ Jen – yes WOOSA is great.

@ Christian – thanks for the holiday travel wishes. =)

@ Qui – I heard about your horrible traffic through Andrea. Apparently yesterday was just a disaster! Sorry about that. And yes, I do remember my instructor’s name because she was the same one as Christian’s. hehehe

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