Wednesday Review: Twilight Saga

Posted on: November 19, 2008

image I’m not an avid reader. In fact, before the Twilight Saga, I don’t even remember the last book I read. Pretty sad, huh?

Well my little sisters kept talking about the Twilight Saga, and when one of them started naming her electronics ‘Rosalie’ and ‘Emmett’, I was like…what’s up with these books?

Then I saw the movie trailer AND after my sister threatened to read the entire book to me while I drove her back to VCU,  I decided I needed to would just read Twilight.

It kind of started slow for me. I wasn’t very interested with Bella and I knew the premise of the book already (my sisters told me a little bit). After the first book, I went crazy and bought the whole series. I couldn’t wait anymore.

Twilight is beyond the realm of a teenage audience. I have plenty of friends my age (18 and up) who’ve read the series, too. Stephenie Meyer (the img was taking from her site) is a genius. Twilight is a wonderful book and I recommend you read it. The fascination of the whole series is well deserved…and once you start reading you’ll understand why.

MaR_advice: The movie comes out this Friday. I suggest if you want to watch this movie to purchase your tickets ASAP and makes sure you’ve read the book! I heard over 500 shows are already sold out!

3 Responses to "Wednesday Review: Twilight Saga"

Haha. I can’t believe you remembered my phone is Rosalie and my iPodTouch is Emmett. And I sooooo did not threaten to read the whole book to you… did I? Haha.
Loooove you!

Yayyy! I’ll be waiting in line at AMC Lynnhaven wearing my custom-made Team Edward baseball jersery! HAHAHA. Can’t wait!

@ mowene – you did threaten me, love ya!

@ Janelle – the theaters were crazy! I’ll post my review of the movie soon.

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