Tech Tuesday: Memorex SingStand

Posted on: November 11, 2008

imageMy older sister receives the Real Simple magazine and the latest edition featured the Memorex SingStand.

If you LOVE karaoke, this nifty piece of technology is for you. Instead of purchasing more DVDs for your MagicMic, simply attached your iPod or MP3 player to the SingStand and party like a rock star.

Features include a microphone, integrated mic stand and speakers. You add echo effects or attach a keyboard for accompaniment (cool!). Although one mic is included, the system has two inputs incase you want to sing duets (which means you need to purchase another mic separately).

Only problem is iPod’s don’t provide the lyrics to the songs you download. What if you don’t know the all words?

The Memorex SingStand can be purchased starting this November at participating Walmarts for $70.

(image from Electronista)

MaR_advice: For $70, I think this item would be a great gift for the holidays. It’s economical, looks sleek, and can be a cure for for Friday night boredom.

2 Responses to "Tech Tuesday: Memorex SingStand"

where’s the drums and guitar?

@Christian. I know it’s not like Rockband, but does Rockband have Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby? I think not.

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