Fitness Friday: Happy Halloween!!!

Posted on: October 31, 2008

Disclaimer: Due to the fun-loving event Halloween is, I’ve decided to dedicate a post to the holiday and to let your brain rest for this Friday.

It’s been a while since Halloween’s been on a Friday! I don’t know about you, but for me, dressing up for the holiday gets more fun as you get older! So many people enjoy creating their costumes and I’ve actually heard of some creative ones.

My BF’s brother is going to be Iron Man – no, not the super hero, but literally Iron Man. My sister was telling me about her co-worker dressing up as a serial killer by taking cereal boxes and slashing and making the boxes his costume. People are so innovative! My friend, Jen, was Mario (from Mario Brothers) and she made her own costume. I even helped her become a human version of the game Operation for her office costume contest.

Inspired by Jen and Janelle’s posts, I’ve decided provide you pictures of my past costumes from college to prove that you can have fun making costumes w/o spending tons of $$$ to create your vision.

j311halloween<< Freshman year (pic: an angel, me, and a hostess): I was supposed to be Christina Aguilera from her Dirty video. NOT my idea! I had on chaps and everything. Thank goodness you cant really see them. I’m not THAT scandalous. Never again will I repeat that costume. NEVER. Cost of costume: $15. I only had to buy the chaps!

97459454JnaYXT_fs>> Sophomore year (pic: Cleopatra, me, a jester, and a construction worker): I made my own costume. I was a referee. You can’t see it, but I actually had on black and white knee length soccer socks on with cleats. I couldn’t find a black and white vertical striped shirt for the life of me! those stripes are made out of iron-on stripes! Crazy huh? Cost of costume: About $30-$35. The only thing I didn’t pay for because I owned it previous before the costume were the shorts and cleats. I borrowed the hat from my roomie and I purchased the white shirt for about $4 at Michael’s. The whistle, the iron-on stripes and the socks probably cost me about $25 total.

Junior year: I was a cop and literally just put on a white tank and black pants. I purchased a fake badge and gun as my accessories. I believe I even had handcuffs. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of my outfit. Sorry! Cost of outfit: $12. I only had to pay for the accessories!

image>> Senior year (me and Quail Man): I dressed up as Flavor Flav! Look at my clock! I bet he doesn’t have one like that!The Viking hat came second after my dope phi dope purple glasses. I was warm in this costume, too. Cost of costume: About $20. The clock was free because my friend worked at a doctor’s office and they had tons of clocks from the pharmaceutical reps. I purchased the hat, rings and glasses from Party City. I really wish I had a grill, but I didn’t want to put tin foil on my teeth and have it ruin my enamel. What? The Halloween candy was bad enough!

MarHalloween08So there you have it: Mar through the years. I didn’t participate last year because I was busy planning my BF’s parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. However this year, I’ve decided to go all out and just purchase my costume instead of wearing a makeshift one.

<< This year, I am going to be a warrior princess that needs a sword. =/ I honestly didn’t have time to create a costume because of work and just being overall stressed. Cost of costume: $28. It pays to have friends who work at a costume shop, thanks Suz! The original price was $40 for everything minus my black ankle boots.

MaR_advice: So you can have a thrifty and fun costume at the same time. Just give yourself a budget and stick to it! Use your resources to achieve your vision! Have a safe Halloween. Please do not drink and drive, and don’t forget to say trick or treat!

4 Responses to "Fitness Friday: Happy Halloween!!!"

WHOA throwback pictures !

Or… can repurpose a bridesmaid dress and show up as a …. bridesmaid. Or princess!

You look so awesome in these photos. Great blog!!

I’m glad I inspire you! LOL! HAHA! I wish we had as much making a costume as we did last year. BLAH!

Yay Halloween! Nice post.

Too bad my costume this year wasn’t as creative or exciting as past year’s. Oh well! I want to see more pics of your’s hehe.

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