Tech Talk: Sprint WiMAX

Posted on: October 28, 2008

After much debate and a year of testing, Sprint WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) announced the first carrier to provide B2C wireless broadband data service called Xohm (pronounced “zome”).

When I first heard about this through my BF, he said to me, “Think 4G.” 4G!? I’m still amazed at how fast my iPhone is with 3G! WiMAX will be that fast providing users with the Internet capabilities of a computer on a wireless device. I, too, thought about the iPhone. The difference? WiMAX is a service enabled on different types of wireless devices. As far as I know it, 3G is only available to the iPhone (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse believes by the year 2010, over 140 people will use the Xohm WiMAX service. More people are using their phones to browse the web and the need for a faster broadband service for wireless devices is inevitable. Hesse says WiMAX is ‘an alternate for universal broadband services’.

MaR_advice: Can you imagine a world where computers will be replaced by wireless devices? Are you guilty of using your phone for more than it’s purpose: making/receiving calls? With the way technology is moving, it’s no wonder that people are wanting more or the latest gadgets and gizmos a plenty. Do you want thingamabobs too? I’ve got 20 (hehe). My main point is, as fascinating as technology can be…we CAN survive w/o these new services and plans on our phone…we’ve done it before. Rather than advice, I want to challenge you. For one day see if you can actually use your phone just to make/receive calls. No checking your email, no texting, no games on your phone. Can you do it? Can you be a laggard?

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3G is not only available to the iPhone. In fact 3G is actually the 3rd generation of mobile phone standards. It includes fast data access (Mobile Broadband). Most US carriers have 3g phones. 4G is still emerging and has not yet been standardized, although wimax may serve as a backbone to 4G sevices.

Technology practically rules everything around us. It even took over the english language (ttyl, btw, bff, etc). Haha!

Crazy to think that when we were in high school, cell phones looked like a brick! And pager codes were all we knew. What ever happened to calling each other on the house phone? Walking around the neighborhood to find other friends.

@Christian. Thank you for your input and your corrections. You know would have been better? If you actually wrote my post like I asked you…I love you.

@Jen. 4011 8123 121647! Pager code was awesome and none of my friends that own homes actually have a house phone…they use their cells to communicate. I don’t know if I can even fulfill my own challenge…

I can do it actually. I mainly use my phone for calls and texting, but I’ve gone through days without texting. “Walking around the neighborhood to find other friends”–haha. 🙂

@amy : more power to you! I need some self restraint (I say this as I check my gmail on my iPhone….hahaha)


already december 2006 there where many many 3G (WCDMA/UMTS) devices available world wide see for example.

the DL rate of HSDPA (=3G) in today available products is alsmost 14 Mbps. For the DL you can soon buy equipment that can hadle 5.7 Mbps !

Eveoltion continues and soon there will be WCDMA devices that can do 42 Mbps in DL and 11 Mbps in UL !

BTW: the iphone implementation of 3G is not very good. They use Infineon chipset and are, as I understand it, the first product using this chipset. There has been a lot of problems and still are. If you want to compare performance you should use a phone with Ericsson chipset or Qualcomm chipset.

That would be a Soney-Ericsson phone or for instance Samsung or LG (= Lucky Gold star!!)

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