Fitness Friday: $1 Recession Special

Posted on: October 24, 2008

DSC02030 Disclaimer: I know yesterday’s post said I was going to start the editorial calendar on Monday, but I really wanted to weigh in my thoughts on this subject matter…so the editorial calendar starts today.

I went to NYC this summer to watch Rent on Broadway. I stayed at the New Yorker and found myself two blocks from a Gray’s Papaya and snapped this picture.

At that time, the economy was in ‘decent’ shape. Soon enough gas prices posed as Chicken Little and forewarned us about a recession rather than the sky falling. I presume for some people, the sky could fall and it wouldn’t help them with this current state of economy.

As a young professional, it’s hard not to worry. My boss prepped the team and even developed a plan months before America’s economic state was officially deemed a recession. His plan safeguarded the company from any obstacles this recession presented. For every plan A, there’s a plan B.

I’m not an expert, but this is my first time experiencing a recession and I’ve learned a few things from what I’ve examined, read and heard.

  1. Be positive. No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer. We all know what’s going on with the economy. Even the people who don’t read the news know what’s going on! We have to keep our head up high and not let this recession hinder us from being better at our jobs, personal lives and better in general.
  2. Ask questions. No question is a stupid question. You need to ask questions if you’re scared about what’s going on. Talk to someone who’s been through tough times like this (i.e. someone who experienced the dot com bust in the 90’s). Figure out what they did to rise above.
  3. For the jobless: keep searching. For people who are still looking for jobs, don’t lose hope. Be patient. You’ll know when a job is a good fit for you.
  4. For the employed: work even harder. Now is the time to show your boss, clients and customers what you’re made of. Take your work ethic to the next level and give 120% instead of 110%. Show your commitment to your job and your clients/customers. Remember, a little can go a long way.
  5. Give Back. You can’t help everyone who’s heavily effected by this recession, so go out there help those you can – especially the homeless and the needy. There are many soup kitchens, food drives and other volunteer services you can participate in. You can save the world, with one random act of kindness at a time.

We can get through this. We just need to keep our head in the game (BTW, High School Musical 3 comes out today!).

MaR_advice: One of my tips to help find a solution for this recession is to vote. People are scared and they need some type of reassurance that they’ll all get through this. No one knows what the future brings, but we all can make a difference. Gray’s Papaya might be giving away $1 recession specials, but if you don’t vote – you’re giving away one voice that will help shape the future this country and economy need. What tips do you offer to help people get through this economic state?

2 Responses to "Fitness Friday: $1 Recession Special"

Oooo. So true. I’m voting! :]

@ m0wene : Good for you!

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